• Code for the Next Billion

    From our calendars to our bank statements to our social lives, we live online. Millions of people all over India are starting to come online, and there are huge opportunities to connect them with useful services and information. We will invest in developers who are building mobile apps to inspire large-scale innovation for new internet users.

    NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, CNBC TV18 and Facebook - the changemakers!

  • What is Code for the Next Billions?

    Code for the Next Billion is an immersive 6 month program to inspire, encourage and fulfil internet innovation among the developer community in India. It is aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of mobile internet applications across India.


    The program involves access to cutting edge technology, social impact and business mentors; workshops and webinars to receive hands-on training; investors and enterprises to help validate and scale the selected start-ups.

    Who can apply?

    Code for the Next Billion is running two programs targeting developers and students to build applications in the

    • Health
    • Economic Empowerment (finance, capacity building, etc.),
    • Education/Skill Development
    • Public Utility (water, power, transport)
  • Developer Leaders Building for the Next Billion

    Through an application process, 10 developers who have demonstrated a commitment to build for new-to-internet populations will be part of a six-month program where they will be provided with-


    - Technical, marketing, and financial support as well as leadership skills, to build their applications and businesses.


    - Networking opportunities with industry leaders (CEOs, thought leaders, VCs, ecosystem evangelists, social change leaders), funders and the media to bring public awareness to their commitment, solutions and impact.


    - Opportunity to be featured on a CNBCTV18 TV series to showcase their achievements.


    - Access to US$80,000 worth of Facebook credits and support through Facebook's FbStart program to build their business.


    Last Date to Apply: 7th August, 2016

  • Student Leaders Building for the Next Billion

    Through an application process, students will be selected to lead their campus in creating mobile applications that address needs of new-to-internet populations.


    Four students per campus will be selected for the program, which provides training and workshops on Facebook tools.


    As part of the program, student leaders will be required to:

    • Build one application relevant to the needs to new-to internet populations
    • Lead four campus events over the course of a year to engage with other student engineers and designers
    • Inspire classmates on campus to build at least 3 additional applications relevant to the next billion

    The best application nationally will receive FAME support from 10,000 startups and US$80,000 worth of Facebook credits and an award from FbStart, and access to support through Facebook's FbStart program to build their business.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Apply for Code for the Next Billion?


    Go to http://www.nextbillion.10000startups.com/ click on Apply.

    STEP1: You will need to create an F6S account. (Ideally connect your Facebook account so it’s easier)

    STEP2: Once you’ve logged into your F6S account search for the “Code for Next Billion”. **

    STEP3: Click on the icon to find the application form

    STEP4: Fill in the application and submit

    STEP5: ** A confirmation mail in your F6S/email inbox will be received**



    I don’t have a completed application should I apply for Code for the Next Billion? Can I submit an app which I am still working on?

    No. As of now we are only considering completed/functional applications. Essentially at the time of evaluation if we don’t see a functional app then we will not be considering it for the pitch session which will decide the final that will be accepted into the batch.


    I am building a product which does have social impact, but I’m not sure whether it falls into one of the focus areas. Should I be applying?

    Please note that as of now we are only considering products that are in the 4 domains as specified above. If you are uncertain please send an email to startups@nasscom.in with a subject line containing “CODE for Next Billion”.

    What technology stack am I allowed to use?


    There is no limitation. Developers are allowed to use any platform, language, tech and tools that they feel suitable. While there is no limitation in use of technology, the Code for Next Billion programme is not responsible for any improper use of any proprietary technology.


    I have a hardware product, will I be eligible for Code for the next Billion?


    A pureplay hardware product will not be considered, however if there is a tangible software, mobile first application within one of the above Focus Areas, then we will consider it for Code for next Billion.


    Eg: A reverse osmosis plant or an embedded chip, as it is will not be considered for code for next billion. However if there is further innovation towards building a mobile app that remotely activates the RO plant or the embedded chip is used to make a women’s safety wearable device, then it may be considered.  


    Will I be assured IP protection for my product/solution?


    Any intellectual property that you have created or licensed will be solely yours. Code for Next Billion has no intention of owning/leasing or taking credit for any IP that is created over the period of programme. Do take adequate measures to ensure that your specific solution is not easily infringeable.

    Code for Next Billion is not responsible for any infringement.


    I have a previously released app that I am reworking on and it has now undergone major changes, can I apply under the same name?


    Yes you can. Good Luck!

    If I am selected am I expected to pay anything to be part of the programme?


    No. There are no Programme Fees, Participation fees or Equity asks. We’re here to help!